Web Registration

Here you can register online for Eastern Bible Conference 2016. We have created a new streamlined process for online registration using the form on this page; the PDF cards from previous years are no longer used. (If you are registering with physical cards that were mailed to your assembly, those need to be postmarked by July 2nd. The mailing address is available on the Contact Us page.)

Online registration will be available through July 18th. To register after this date, you must call us directly.

PLEASE NOTE: Children's classes and Young People will be determined by age. Children's classes are for those through age 13 this year, and Young People are all those between ages 14 and 21. (Exception: If you are under 21 and married, please indicate that in the 'Special Notes' at the bottom of the form and we will group you with the Young Adults.)

A sponsor of the same sex and is a blood relative (at least 30 years old or married) must be provided for every person under 21 years of age. Contact your sponsor to make sure he/she agrees to accept this responsibility.

Remember to check the rates for this year before registering. Early rates apply until July 5th.

Your registration will be confirmed with a message on this page, and also with an email. Check your junk email folder if you do not see the confirmation email.

Register for EBC GCC 2016

Please use the form below to register for the Grove City Eastern Bible Conference 2016. You can register as many people from a single family (last name) at a time as you want (this helps us track addresses correctly).

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What's New for 2016

Are you a "regular" EBC attendee and just want to know what's changed from last year? Here's the list:

Please remember to register early!